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1) Nobody gets to be an asshole on my LJ without my permission. Offenders may be chastised, screened, deleted, and/or banned, at my whim. The definition of what constitutes excessive assholery is also at my whim.

2) If you know my in-real-life name, do not connect it to this journal.

3) Linking to public posts is fine, although if you're linking somewhere which is liable to draw a lot of traffic from random people, I'd appreciate a heads-up.

4) Reproducing and disseminating original content from this journal--both public and locked posts--without my express permission is *not* fine. If you wish to republish something I wrote, assume that you are denied permission to do so unless I specifically tell you otherwise.

Common topics:

* Booklog-in-exile (Index post)

* Television

* Gaming, by which I mean role-playing games of the non-electronic variety

* Music: concerts, etc.